1. How do I watch these releases?
Download CCCP – Link

2. There aren’t any subtitles!
Try FAQ 1 first, if that doesn’t work then continue reading.
Make sure Haali Media Spliter is turned on; it’s included in CCCP. For Media Player Classic do this:

– Open Media Player Classic
– Press “O” then press “O” again
– Under DirectShow Video, choose “Haali’s Video Renderer”
– Now restart MPC and try the video again.

If you can’t understand those instuctions, then open Windows Media Player after you’ve installed CCCP.  That should work.  However, watching in Media Player Classic is much better.

3. The HD plays so freaking slow on my computer!
Then you should get the SD copy.  If that plays too slow, you need a new computer.

4. Will there ever be XVID copies?
Sorry, no.  I just don’t want to bother with xvid right now.  If you really want an xvid copy, you can always download the SD copy and reencode it using Xvid4PSP or something to convert it. Also, read FAQ 6!

5. How To Apply New Scripts
– Download mkvmerge gui – Download
– Open mkvmerge gui
– Drop the episode you downloaded into the “Input files:” box.
– The box below, “Tracks”, uncheck the subtitle file. It will start with “S_TEXT/ASS”.
– Now drop the new script you’ve downloaded into the “Input” box.
– Now hit “Start Muxing” at the bottom.
– Done!

Extra Steps:
– Select new Subtitle file in “Tracks” box.
– Now below you can name the subtitle file
– eg. “Nabari no Ou EP13”

6. How do I make my own AVI/MP4?
First off, I wouldn’t suggest this if you can watch MKV following the instructions above.  I will assume you only want this because you want to watch this on your portable player, or some standalone player.

1. Download the fonts for the show and install them.
2. Download XVID4PSP – Link
3. If you can’t install fonts, google for help.
4. Instructions on how XVID4PSP works, is on the site.
5. I didn’t invent it so don’t ask me how it works.

    • ffilou6
    • July 30th, 2008 9:13am

    To convert the .mkv file to an .avi file or other file type, you can also use Avidemux (http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/ ), or Mediacoder (http://mediacoder.sourceforge.net/ ), or Erightsoft Super(warning: some versions of Super are infected with an adware trojan, be careful if you try Super.)

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