Fansubs and Donations
A fansub group should never require donations. Every group should be able to manage their own servers and websites based on their current salary. Some groups even have their sites posting ridiculous amounts of donations required for the month. Most of the time, they don’t even need half this amount. Yeah, people lie on the interweb! If a group can’t even afford to run their own resources by themselves, they shouldn’t have owned them in the first place.

Donations are voluntary. It’s up to you to decide if the group you’re donating to is really going to use these donations to aide their fansubbing ways, or if they’ll use your donations for a night at the bar. Who knows.

Does Rumi Need Donations?
As you all know, Rumi Productions, does have one server/bot in the channel, serving all our releases. It doesn’t really cost much and we’re fine for now. However, your donations are always welcome and it will help keep the server running. We’re also looking for donations in the form of: Friio, plane tickets to Japan, Asus EEE 1000, MGS4 PS3, Intel Q9550, or briefcases full of money.