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Bots Have Returned!

Bots are all back up.

Fansubbing Hiatus

I know I haven’t subbed anything in a long ass while.  Thing is, with Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Complete, I actually finished all the subbing and the script has been sitting on the shelf for editing for like ever haha Sorry about that.  I have no idea if I’ll ever release it; I even have the Japanese subs transcription as well.   If I do release it I’ll make a short announcement.  For now we definitely can’t do it, as my server are in the midst of an upgrade.  It’ll also take like ages to upload the 1080p version since my internet is slow molasses.

Anyway, cheers to all the people who still visit this site.  And best wishes to you all, since it’s been long overdue haha

Subtitles Updated

All the subtitles have been uploaded and updated with appropriate links.  I’ve re-upped all the Nabari subs as well, until someone tells me to take them down again! All of the TweakAnime subs are up as well.  You can download all the TweakAnime files off the bot in the Rumi IRC channel.

Website Update

As you can see all the old posts are deleted. I’m turning a new leaf and keeping things organized here. The subtitles on the subs page are still avaliable to Natsu no Sora. I’ll post the original Nabari subs too as well as the one episode of Mnemosyne. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children and OVA subs coming soon – fonts included.

Unfortunately, all the old torrents are no longer supported. They’re most likely dead by now. I don’t plan on re-seeding everything. However, the files are still avaliable via IRC.

Lastly, TweakAnime’s materials will merge with Rumi Productions pretty soon. What this means is, TweakAnime will close down. All shows subbed by the said group will be moved to the Rumi Bots on IRC and the scripts and fonts used for the shows will be posted on the Subtitles page.